Sexy Latina from behind in Addams Family Halloween cosplay in fall foliage
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All month I’m shooting Halloween style with my roster of beautiful models and lighting assistants.

Okay, I have to come clean. I don’t have a “roster” of models and lighting assistants. 😅 But I do have friends and family that love to come together to collaborate on work like this.

Fitness enthusiast Mayra Aroche met my brother-in-law and I at this gorgeous location, just outside of Worcester. On the banks of the Blackstone River, it’s my go to spot for fall photography.

Mayra and I have been collaborating since August 2018. We like to reminisce about our first shoot, and how we’ve both grown a lot since then–Mayra with her confidence, me with my technical ability, and both of us with our comfort level.

And yes, she loves doing squats at the gym.

Enjoy more photos from this shoot:

Latina in Addams family sexy costume and makeup
Sexy Latina in Addams Family Halloween cosplay in ferns
Latina showing sexy side view in Addams family costume and makeup
Latina smiling in Addams family sexy costume and makeup

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