Beauty in NatureBeautiful Latina yellow mini skirt fall foliage Photography: An Explanation
My favorite style of photography is what I call Beauty in Nature, where I showcase a woman’s beauty in a natural, outdoor setting. Since I love nature and photography, this niche genre gives me the healthy, creative outlet I need, and helps my subjects realize their beauty and self-esteem.

Every time I take a nature walk, visit a waterfall, hike up a mountain, or drive past trees, hills, and fields, I think about this type of photography. Every beautiful, natural scene is a potential location for a Beauty in Nature photo shoot that might produce stunning results that elicit emotional response. It’s really true that in my mind, I view my daily surroundings through a camera lens. My ultimate goal is to have a very small stable of people I can call on to be photographed when I discover different, gorgeous, natural scenes.

Since adolescence, I’ve naturally appreciated women’s beauty, starting with the discovery of Cheryl Tiegs modeling bathing suits in Sears catalogs, Elle Macpherson and Tyra Banks in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues, and the sexy album photos, posters, and music videos of Madonna, Whitney Houston, Karyn White, and Samantha Fox.

When I met Misha, the woman who would become my wife, she became my main model. She helped me grow my skills. While I was learning to use “off camera flash” with softboxes, she allowed me to photograph her inside our home and all over New England. If you were to come over, you’d see her photos on our bedroom walls. I put her on a pedestal.

With my wife’s help, my work has become stronger and my audience has grown. Opportunities to photograph potential subjects have grown as well. Now, with help from some of New England’s finest talent, and often a lighting assistant, I’m creating photo fantasy art out of my dreams!

About the Gallery
In this gallery, enjoy my favorite shots from my beauty photography sessions with a growing number of enthusiastic people that want to be showcased in my unique style, in particular, my Beauty in Nature series. You’ll notice that I tend to continue working with the same people again and again. These photographer/model relationships are based on mutual respect, trust, creativity, and good communication. The goal is not to photograph as many people as possible. The goal is to find like-minded creatives and collaborate on amazing, bodacious, ongoing work.

What about my wife, Misha? Every once in a while, she lets me photograph her. 😉 If you look through the gallery, you’ll see a couple shots of her.

Do YOU want to be photographed like this?
If you think you have the physical tools and the desire to collaborate on stunning, sexy work like this, get in touch. For the right person, I will make time.  DM via Instagram or Facebook.




Thank you for my amazing photoshoot. You were so professional and very attentive. I really appreciate how you found the right place [to shoot]. There’s something original and wonderful to each photo. You did a great job👌🏾. I’m excited to repeat the same experience. I also thank my cousins Misha and Jeff for their support.

Farah, December 2023

I think you’re a great artist and I appreciate the effort you’ve put into our shoots, as well as the kindness you’ve showed toward my sister and I.

Joanne, September 2021

Josh is incredibly professional & talented, and a delight to work with. His meticulousness leads to phenomenal products. Fantastic experience shooting with him!

Anika, October 2020

Had so much fun shooting with Joshua B Photography. When you have a vision and you find someone who is so passionate about bringing those dreams – those visions – into reality, then count your blessings. You know those rare gems who don’t count their dollars to see how rich they are? Instead, they count their memories. They count the number of hugs they get every day. That is who Josh is, and that is the type of person I am aspiring to be in 2020. I want to start counting what really matters.

Abidemi, December 2019

Thank you for your time and professionalism! Really enjoyed the shoot! It was great to see all the hard work and all the technical details and necessities that go into great photos. You both made things comfortable, relaxed, and fun for myself and my family.

Donna, October 2019

To not have to feel like a sex symbol or worry that I’m going to be viewed as such makes the working relationship much better and more relaxed and yields absolutely magnificent results such as this because that “stress” or “fear” isn’t present! Joshua B Photography does an amazing job at making you feel comfortable in the beautiful skin your in! Can’t wait to work with such talent again!

Mildred, September 2019

It’s always amazing to work with you. Every photoshoot we have is full of fun, respect and creativity. Thanks Josh & Misha for always taking the time to make our passion a reality. 8 photoshoots and more to come. Thank you for every single photo, each one have a beautiful memory, I love all of them.

Mayra, August 2019

I recently had a summer photoshoot with Joshua B Photography. It was a truly wonderful experience!

Joshua was respectful, kind, generous, creative and timely with the final product. He brought a lighting assistant who was also all of the above, and made the experience all the more fun!

Joshua even welcomed my guest at the shoot, and involved him in many ways! Even he felt welcomed and comfortable as part of the collaboration.

Joshua made great suggestions, was appropriately complimentary of the poses, shared the images during the process to ensure mutual satisfaction, and was open to freedom for me, the model.
Apart from the fantastic interaction, I was extremely pleased with the final photos. I received a good amount in a timely manner; all of which were excellent quality.

I would work with Joshua again in a heartbeat. I highly recommend Joshua B. Photography.

Karielle, August 2019

The consummate professional, Joshua’s skill set, attention to detail and lightheartedness makes him very easy to work. Over delivering on our first photoshoot left me excited for another.

Ian, August 2019

Josh and his wife Misha are a joy to work with. They were very professional, friendly and made sure that I was comfortable throughout the entire process. What a great experience! Patient, easy and clear to communicate with, punctual, organized, and respectful of time, I would highly recommend Josh and his work. I also enjoyed how he showed me what we were working on throughout the shoot and welcomed my thoughts and ideas. He also walked me through his process as he was setting things up. It really felt like we were working together, and I appreciated feeling like I was a part of the process in that way! 
🙂 Thanks, Josh!

Sarah, April 2017

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  1. It’s rare for me to have fun and find enjoyment outside in the cold – shooting with Joshua was one of these rare moments. From the start, he was very welcoming, open to ideas and encouraging. He was mindful of my vision and what I wanted out of the shoot. I felt very comfortable working with. I appreciated his patience and effort. Joshua is such a professional and he came with the tools and high energy required to get a great shot! Additionally, I really appreciated his interest in knowing my background and story and I was happy to hear about his. I am looking forward to working with him again on future projects! Definitely recommend!

  2. I did a Photoshoot with Josh and he made it very comfortable to work with him. Unlike a lot of photographers in the field, he wasn’t pushy and I appreciated that so much. He did an amazing job and I loved how the pictures came out. Talented photographer and a breeze to work with. I appreciate you Josh! Thank you.

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