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I had a great time earlier tonight at my favorite arcade, Pinball Wizard in Pelham, NH. And yes, I know it’s 2011, but there really is an arcade less than an hour away that’s huge, clean, and filled with classic games. I consider these pinball machines works of art, and as of earlier tonight, this place has 89 of them. The absolute best part is they’re all lovingly restored by the arcade’s owner Sarah St. John. Here are the latest three:

Creature From the Black Lagoon (Midway, 1995)

Creature From the Black Lagoon backglass

Creature From the Black Lagoon playfield

Judge Dredd (Midway, 1993)

Judge Dredd backglass

Judge Dredd playfield

Fire! (Williams, 1987)

Fire! pinball backglass

Fire! pinball playfield

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