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Something about Facebook you might not have known:
Depending on your FB settings and how FB decides to do things on any given day, the things you “like” may show up in your timeline, which shows up in your friends’ feeds. This includes pictures.

I had to block everything but “important posts” from a couple people, even an extended family member, because pictures of naked women were showing up in my feed. As a married man, I can’t have that. It’s disrespectful to my wife. And it’s not like I shield my screen whenever I’m using Facebook and people are around.

On a related note, keeping in mind that pictures you “like” may be posted to your wall which your friends see…

If you like a lot of political graphics on Pages that you follow, your friends may see each one in their feeds. And unless you only keep friends that support each of your political agendas, it may appear that you’re barking at them. A simple note explaining your position, with a disclaimer that you don’t despise people that disagree, and you don’t necessarily endorse all the junior high name calling that your graphics portray…well that my friends can go a long way to reminding people that you are a well-rounded, thinking person.

Just my 2 cents. Thanks for reading.

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