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The Convert play

On almost a whim, I bought tickets for my wife and I to see the play, The Convert, by The Walking Dead actress and playwright Danai Gurira. It was an amazing and intense experience, as we sat front row, on the floor, right in front of the actors.

You know that for years I’ve been questioning and criticizing religion, so this play was a perfect fit for my journey. I was prepared to learn, but didn’t know how much would be revealed. Putting together the pieces, I now realize that Christianity is solely a tool to control people, using a combination of fear and grace to lull them into compliance. The play did not try to convince us that Christianity is any worse than the traditional, so-called “pagan” religions of what is now known as Zimbabwe. Instead we were left to think about which is more harmful and damaging to a people finally waking up to the white man using religion to “colonize” and take their very land from under their feet, while putting them to work in mines, building their beautiful large houses, accepting the raping of their women, and yes, all the killing…

If these themes intrigue you, please make a strong effort to see The Convert, now playing at the Central Square Theater in Cambridge, Massachusetts through February 28.

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