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Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren were my dream candidates for the job of our next President. One year ago, when news outlets first reported Bernie was going to announce his run, I called the Democratic headquarters to check my eligibility to vote in the MA primary. It was my first ever participation in a primary process.

Bernie Sanders has been more competitive in this presidential race then I could have imagined, bringing up issues I wondered would ever make it to the consciousness of the general public. No one else is committed to getting the money out of politics. No one else carries his long history of credibility, sensitivity, and I believe, honesty, in this ugly business of politics.

Thank you Bernie. You’ve done amazing work throughout your career, especially in the Senate, and I’m looking forward to more honorable politics (sounds crazy, but with Bernie I believe it to be true) in your future. Thanks to your campaign, no longer are Progressives accepting business and politics as usual. You’ve set a new standard.

I’ve assumed it was going to be Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton, but the thought of Bernie as an alternative made my heart beat with excitement. We move on, and I’m ready for an especially ugly race between Trump and Clinton.

Never Trump. Never Cruz.

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