Beautiful Latina woman wearing tube top in wildflowers
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Mayra is my neighbor, and lives just one town away. This summer photo shoot in wildflowers is our eighth total shoot together.

One morning, while commuting to work through Weston, Massachusetts, I saw this beautiful wildflower field. The following weekend, Mayra and I were shooting there. It’s awesome to have a great model that I can call on to shoot in these beautiful seasonal scenes.

Mayra is also a certified esthetician, and can take care of all aspects of your face. Find her at Glowing Skin By Mayra.

Bonus shot of Mayra in the woods:

Beautiful Latina woman in woods wearing red dress

Special thanks to my wife, Misha, for her lighting assistance.

2 Replies to “Summer Wildflower Shoot with Mayra”

  1. Is always amazing to work with you, every photoshoot we have is full of fun, respect and creativity, thanks Josh & Misha for always taking the time to make our passion a reality.
    8 photoshoots and more to come.
    Thank you for every single photo, each one have a beautiful memory, I love all of them !!!

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