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Last week, the Hudson (Massachusetts) men’s softball league started. They play almost every weeknight. Misha and I strolled to the park and caught the end of one game and the start of another. We saw 3 or 4 over the fence home runs. It’s always a fun stop along the walk.

Friday night, April 30th, we went to the Teen Challenge graduation at their New England headquarters in Brockton. I’d never been to anything to musically rocking while spiritually uplifting. If you see these people’s faces, you can see that they are honestly changed and amazed people. Great things happen in this organization. My parents and members of the Attleboro Advent Christian Church (and the pastor that married us) were there. After, Misha, my folks and I, ate at the Texas Roadhouse near the Westgate Mall in Brockton. Waitress was great. She gave us extra rolls and peanuts in the shell to take home.

Yesterday, I paid for a subscription to Microsoft Technet. I don’t know what I haven’t done this earlier. This is the article that got me interested in Technet.

Today, Misha and I are going to check out an amateur baseball game in Maynard–part of the MetroWest Adult Baseball League.

Finally, here’s a shot of our cat Thai, as she’s in a great, half lounging position in our old window. She’s got such a beautiful coat. She seems obsessive about grooming it, but since it’s so beautiful and clean, we just shrug our shoulders, smile, and tell her what a beautiful job she does keeping it that way. By the way, we signed on for 10 new vinyl replacement windows! They’ll be taking final measurements tomorrow!

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