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The British Tech Network has a tribute page for the late tech enthusiast, Erik Lanigan. I posted my tribute there, particularly because BTN’s Kyle Swager said on a recent podcast episode entitled Dedicated To Erik Lanigan, “In fact all of these messages I know will be passed on to his family. Ewen Rankin has talked to them personally. I think they really would love to hear from all of you.”

Here is what I wrote:

In a world where most of us accept that life is not fair, and we assimilate accordingly, it is still a shame that Erik seemed to have been treated unfairly at TWiT.

I remember him as an enthusiastic, energetic, friendly, kind, knowledgeable, proficient young man.

I sincerely appreciate those that knew him taking an opportunity to talk about him. I want to know more. Not less. So for all the podcasters and media people out there, please feel free to dedicate a larger portion of your shows to talking about him. Thank you.

Although we may never know Erik’s entire story, the following capsule, which he edited, is fascinating, dramatic, and ultimately very sad:

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