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In March of 2020, Daisal approached me about the possibility of doing a birthday shoot. She had seen the results of my collaborations with model Mayra Aroche and was impressed enough to reach out to me. A year and a half passed, and although we hadn’t gotten together to collaborate during that time, I remembered Daisal and reached out to see how she was doing. 10 days later, we were together at my secret spot for “Beauty In Nature” shoots in Millbury, Massachusetts. I was surprised to learn that this was Daisal’s very first photo shoot. Can you imagine, a young woman this beautiful, and I was lucky enough to take her first professional-quality photos?

Unfortunately, it was an unusually warm day – just after rain – and mosquitos were relentless. We decided to cut the outdoor shoot short and head to another secret spot I knew of in a converted mill building.

It turns out Daisal is a natural. She thoroughly enjoyed the process of posing and seeing the results, then making adjustments to turn good shots into great photos. She was also patient and happy for me to set up a light and softbox so that I could dial in the light just right. We were fortunate to have beautiful sunlight streaming in through windows that we found in different areas of the building.

I brought a Bluetooth speaker so that Daisal could play music to relax her and get her in the mood for portrait photos. Her neo-soul playlist was perfect for our goal of taking (hopefully!) the most beautiful photos anyone has ever taken of her.

Daisal was wonderfully receptive to any ideas I had. She’s already thinking ahead to our next shoot, where it should be, and what she should wear. I’m looking forward as well!

Shot with a Nikon D750 camera, 85mm and 50mm lenses, and a combination of natural window light, some room lights, and my monolight and softbox

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