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BONR 2 - Nor'easters 07

Last night The Nor’easters (2013 ICCA World Champions) hosted a free concert at Northeastern University in Boston. The event was the 2nd Annual Best of the Northeast Region A Cappella Showcase, or BONR2. It took place inside the beautiful and great-sounding Blackman Auditorium.

My wife had I already had the pleasure of seeing the Nor’easters, first at their win at the ICCA semi-finals at MIT, then at Spookapella X in Natick, both earlier this year. Last night, we got to know the parents and grandparents of one of their members (Jessie Letwin, whose lead on Zedd’s “Clarity” was an emotional highlight).

We sat close to the stage and I was able to take pictures to share with you.

BONR 2 - Nor'easters 06

BONR 2 - Nor'easters 05

BONR 2 - Nor'easters 04

BONR 2 - Nor'easters 03

BONR 2 - Nor'easters 02

BONR 2 - Nor'easters 01

More photos from the show:
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