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Since I got back into skiing in 1998, I’ve bought one pair of used demo skis and one pair of leftover boots. I’ve been skiing on that equipment for about 10 years which is pretty good! I don’t mind the older equipment because I do very well, and I think I’d do well with any equipment.

Last Christmas 2009, my folks and my wife promised me ski equipment that I could pick out anytime. Can’t ask for a better gift than that. I knew I’d be frugal. Last month, I found some old leftover skis still in their wrappers, Elan M10s (from the season of 2002/2003) at the Wachusett ski swap for $70. They have a more dramatic shape than my old skis so, hey, an upgrade for cheap! My parents were nice enough to have new bindings mounted at a ski shop near them. So here they area!

Obviously I’m looking forward to squeezing in a few day trips this up-coming season if the planets align.

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