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  • Reading books at work has been the single biggest catalyst for independent thinking, questioning, researching, basically working through the questions I have to find what I can appreciate as closest to truth.
  • Cutting back on distractions like TV, movies, pro sports fanaticism, etc. gives me more time to find truth and be productive, find peace, or relax with my time.
  • Realizing that religions are man-made and carry men’s biases has given me a clearer view on its implications on society (power, racism, homophobia, money, politics, violence, etc.) throughout history and into the future.
  • I can’t underestimate how satisfying it is to have a job where I know my work directly helps disabled people gain knowledge. Making less money means I’ve cut back on “consuming” but have found satisfaction in saving. I can ignore the marketing and save money on home phone service, mobile phone service, cut cable entirely, use traditional shaving methods and quality boutique shaving products, etc. Basically beating the system (with baby steps).
  • Having my first close friend that is gay has helped me to empathize with the struggle that gay people face in society. I am sure that being an advocate for people who are gay is a more noble way to live.
  • Cutting back on meat. Besides the occasional fish, I’ve not bought or consumed meat in many months. I am absolutely sure that a plant-based diet is a more healthy and more noble way to live.
  • Still sure that my main goals in life are to connect with people and to help people.

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