When I eat a good meal, I talk about it while I’m eating. I get passionate about good food. At home, I like to cook vegetables and tofu in a wok.

I’m funny about meat. I eat chicken, fish, thin-sliced beef, turkey slices or burger, and the occasional beef burger, but I don’t like to prepare meat myself. I prefer to eat meat that’s already been pulled off the bone. When I tear into a piece of meat on the bone, I feel like a dog with long teeth for ripping meat. Weird, I know. I never eat thick steaks or pork loin…just not my thing to have a big piece of meat on my plate.

I seek out small, casual, mom & pop, ethnic restaurants where value is high and you can see and taste the pride and love in the food. My favorite foods are slow-smoked BBQ, Jamaican, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Indian, and seafood. I like Italian food as much as the next guy, but I’d rather make pasta at home where I use whole wheat or spinach pasta.

Some of my favorite local restaurants are:
One Love Cafe in Worcester, MA
Jamaican Jerk Center, Cape Neddick, ME
Tip Top Thai in Cambridge, MA
Mueng Thai in Marlborough, MA
Siam 1 in Weymouth, MA
Mint Cafe in Norwood, MA
Pho 88 in Lowell, MA
Thanh Thanh 3 in Nashua, NH
Essex Seafood in Essex, MA
Hingham Lobster Pound in Hingham, MA
Causeway Restaurant in Gloucester, MA
Woodman’s in Essex, MA
J. T. Farnham’s in Essex, MA
Texas BBQ Company in Northboro, MA

I use Yelp to check in, review, and post tips about these and many more restaurants. You may want to check out my Yelp profile.

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