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sister & parents at breakfast

I haven’t taken the time to write too many thoughts about my wedding from last September, 2009. Today, I called my sister Teresa and it got me thinking how much I appreciate her. My wedding day was also her wedding anniversary and she came all the way from Georgia to Massachusetts to be with me on her special day. The morning of the wedding, my co-best man, George Wong and I left the hotel together and met with my parents and my sister for a low key breakfast. We didn’t have to rush. It was perfect. George got to meet Teresa and the two of them got to know each other. Thanks to George for taking this photo and for coming all the way from California to be the *best* best man I could ask for. After breakfast, George and I took a different route than my parents took to the wedding site and we got a little lost. GPS wasn’t working too well so we arrived a little later than I would have liked. My wife and her family, who had arrived much earlier and had already done a lot of decorating, were worried! 🙂 George and I formed a plan and immediately put our energy into setting up the sound system, then changing.

I hope to write more thoughts about the wedding at some point.

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