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One of the most successful collaborative relationships on Instagram has to be mine with Mayra. These gorgeous photos marks our twelfth shoot.

Our time together has become so enjoyable. We’ve both grown in our skills, become more bold with what we want to create, and have an easier time doing it. One of the reasons we succeed is that we appreciate each other’s time and skills. We genuinely appreciate what each other provides. But just as important, we care about each other as people. We take time to really talk – especially about our families and health – so shoots are nicely paced and not rushed. It is never about getting the shot and getting out. Our shoots are relaxed and comfortable, with time for real human interaction.

Models and photographers, I encourage you to find a person you can trust and count on to help you create – just for the love of the art.

You can follow Mayra on Instagram.

Beauty in Nature

Two light setup

2 Replies to “Mayra in Berlin, MA – Beauty in Nature Photoshoot”

  1. It’s always a pleasure working with you Joshua, we always come out with beautiful work thank you so much I really do appreciate you as a artist and friend πŸ™πŸ½

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