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I was just listening to This Week in Tech #403 where Leo Laporte spoke with John C. Dvorak, Will Harris, and Mark Milian about Windows 8. I agree with his summary of the situation:

…because they’re looking at Apple and they said, “Look how well Apple has done by telling the customer what it wants. Look how brilliant Apple has been. Steve Jobs never did any market research and we’re gonna do that [as in not do any market research].”

And I think this is a really evil trend that we’re seeing more and more across the tech industry, where these companies decide for us how it should be. They don’t want to give us choice. “You don’t know what you want. We’ll do this for you.” And what they get is crap. And people are revolting against it. They don’t want it.

“Hey, you will never need more than one [mouse] button.” And it took Apple two decades to get over that.

I think the cult of Steve has kind of permeated through the thinking in technology and people are now saying, “Hey, it worked for Steve. We should be authoritarian. We shouldn’t listen to our customers.”

Because I can tell you even before Windows 8 came out, people were going, “Noooo. Noooo.” People were not happy about it.

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