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Yesterday, I was quoted for a New York Times article entitled, Solid Sales, and Criticism, for Latest Version of Windows. The article was posted last night in the Technology section.

Joshua Blood, an audio engineer in Hudson, Mass., put Windows 8 on one of his existing computers, but took it off after a few days, deciding that the software only made sense if he had a touch-screen machine. “I can do absolutely everything I need to do in Windows 7, and it’s a nice-looking O.S.,” Mr. Blood said.

Here’s how it happened:

Yesterday morning, tech writer Paul Thurrott (@thurrott) tweeted that “Microsoft Has Sold Over 100 Million Windows 8 Licenses in First 6 Months,” to which I responded, “A lot of people feel regret.”

Paul replied, “Regret?”

Scott Kindorf ‏(@ScottK) questioned, “Your source.”

My explanation and Paul’s comment:

Josh Blood Windows 8 tweet

Later that evening (last night), New York Times reporter Nick Wingfield contacted me about the Windows 8 article he was writing, specifically about Windows 8 and the difficulties some people are having with it. He was under a tight deadline but over the next 3 hours we corresponded via e-mail about my experience with Windows 8 on a home theater/livingroom PC connected to a television.

Ultimately, I was able to pull a quote from that discussion. And I’m happy I was able to express an opinion from one Windows user that many others have expressed, especially those using their machine as a home theater PC with Windows Media Center.

Thank you to Nick, the NY Times reporter, and to Paul & Scott. Perhaps Nick would not have seen my tweets had it not been for those guys.

By the way, I’m a longtime Paul Thurrott listener via his TWiT show, Windows Weekly.

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