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On Sunday, I was feeling a little lonely and bored, so at 4 PM, I made a last-minute decision to go to the beach on my own. I took the 495 to the Mass Pike to 128. When I reached 128, it started to rain, and rained all the way up until I got past Beverly. Then the rain stopped. I rolled into the Good Harbor lot at about 5:30. Of course it was after 5 so I didn’t have to pay the $25 parking fee. There were ominous clouds behind the beach but still no rain. I walked in with all my stuff (blanket, skimboard, boogie board) and then I noticed my beach friends John, Amy, and their dog Smokey setting down their stuff. I run into these folks a lot. We both follow the wise pattern of visiting Good Harbor after 5. So it was good to be able to talk to them, play with Smokey and Smokey’s friend (a black Lab), and bodysurf with John. The water temperature was great. I didn’t even think about it, it was that good. The waves were choppy because of wind, but there were some great waves to ride. After all my skimboarding, body surfing and boogie boarding, we ended up back at the blankets and enjoyed some good conversation. I was really happy they were there, otherwise I might have continued to be lonely that night. My main goal was to get to a beautiful location and get in some good exercise. That was achieved and the companionship was a bonus. Those ominous clouds stuck around all night but never directly over the beach so we never got rain. After 8, the wind died down and the flies came out, so we made an exit. There was lightning in the distance and I got to enjoy it in front of me on my drive home.

Here’s a blurry cell phone pic.

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