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My wife Misha, my brother-in-law Jeff, and I visited Pinball Wizard Arcade on the night of their two month anniversary. This is a very large, classic arcade featuring more pinball machines than I’ve ever seen in one place. The room is painted dark gray. Track lighting from the ceiling lights the room with just right subtlety, allowing the games to shine. With a huge amount of beautifully restored pinballs and video games, Pinball Wizard is already becoming world famous, rivaling the legendary Fun Spot in Laconia, NH which bills itself as “the largest arcade in the world.”

Here’s a clip of me playing my all-time favorite pin, Addams Family, a game I enjoyed in between college classes at arcades in Boston.

Thanks for the video Jeff!

I have never played an Addams Family game running so perfectly and displaying so beautifully. This experience plus playing Funhouse with a perfectly working Rudie and introducing it to my family and my relatives Skip and Barbara (who met us there) were the highlights of my night. Turns out that Skip is quite a player and could hardly be dragged away from Funhouse as the 10 o’clock closing got closer! Jeff was very into the Twilight Zone pin.

Here’s a shot of our group wrapping up the fun and heading home. Owner Sarah is the tall blonde behind the counter. Both she and Christina spent a lot of time with me, as they could see my enthusiasm and my big smile that never went away.

Thanks to my mother-in-law Myrtha for babysitting so us kids could run out and play! Can we do this again tomorrow night mom?

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