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On Tuesday, January 15, after work, a friend and I drove to Crotched Mountain in Bennington, NH for night skiing. A warm thaw had just hit New England that melted lots of the existing snow. This could have posed a problem for our scheduled ski trip. But I knew that Crotched, in particular, mades lots of snow and the chance they’d hold their snow base was good.

The night was mild, with no wind and the skiing was fast. With thawing temperatures the previous day and overnight freezing, we hoped Crotched’s grooming was up to the task of breaking up the ice. The hill skied fast and there was good snow, aside for some patches of frozen granular and “death cookies.”

Here are some photos I snapped on my phone that night:

Crotched Mountain at night

The top of Moon Walk was pretty:

Crotched Mountain - Top of Moon Walk trail

Yours truly:

Josh riding chair at Crotched Mountain

One of the original Summit T Bar towers still in place on the Satellite Summit trail, which, along with Jupiter’s Storm (formerly Turbo), opened just this year:

Crotched Mountain - Original Summit T Bar Tower

The new high speed quad chairlift, transferred this season from the now closed Vermont area, Ascutney. Another one bites the dust. Crotched didn’t miss the opportunity to inject a bit of humor by naming this lift the “Rocket.” (“Crotched Rocket”):

Crotched Mountain Rocket Quad Chair

Young snowboarders always know the best place to sit down, snap into their bindings, adjust their boots, and just shoot the breeze. In this case, they chose the middle of the trail, just off the chairlift. Here’s the evidence:

Evidence of Snowboarders at Crotched Mountain's Summit

The addition of the Crotched Rocket, a high speed quad chairlift, makes getting to the top a quick, 4 minute ride. And since Crotched doesn’t usually get crowds, you can make quick laps to get in a lot of runs. We skied from 5:30 – 9 pm and got in enough skiing to make the $29 ticket a bargain.

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