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Here’s the iPhone 3G S (32 gig) sitting on my desk on Friday, still in its box, just shipped from China. I spent a good portion of yesterday (Saturday) day using it, customizing it, trying out different applications, and moving my data from my old phone onto it. The setup was easy. I had already given Apple/AT&T my former Verizon account information. When I plugged the iPhone into my computer via USB and launched iTunes, it went into a setup process that initialized my phone and transferred my phone service from Verizon to AT&T without me having to think about it. Once iTunes said I was all set, I was all set! I could make calls immediately.

When my phone was initialized, the first thing I did was to place it into the skin I bought last week at the Apple store in Natick, MA. It’s a Speck brand Tough Skin, one of the bulkier iPhone skins that should offer extra shock protection. Although I also bought an anti-glare screen protector, I decided to leave it off for now. I hope I don’t regret that decision. I plan to be very careful as to where I place my iPhone, especially when it’s in my pocket or being transported in a bag.

I love being able to listen to podcasts, e-mail, use Twitter, Facebook, and browse the web on the phone.

The apps that I’ve kept–all free–include:
Google Earth
The Weather Channel
OrbLive Free
Just Light
Speed Test
Y! Messenger

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