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This morning, my dad and I met my friend Jon at Berkshire East in Charlemont, MA. For each of us, it was our first ski day of the season. It was about 18 degrees and windy–very cold. The West Lodge was open and we had some excellent chili made with fresh vegetables that weren’t overcooked. The cook and I talked for a while. I thanked him for the good food. He was proud of his cooking and showed me the fresh veggies he had just cut for another batch.

It was also my first day out in my new ski boots. It’s my first new pair in about 10 years. They fit well but unfortunately, my toes did get cold. I’ll have to see how they do on a warmer day. I usually stay away from skiing on cold days like today. March skiing is more my thing.

Berkshire East has new, sturdy looking, wooden ski racks. I complimented Roy, the owner, on the new racks and on everything he does to keep Berkshire East going. My dad and I spoke to him for a couple minutes outside the lodge in the sun. He says they’re just about done with snowmaking for the year. They’ll be testing a new configuration of nozzles, as some of the guns are getting old, but he feels they have enough snow on the trails to last.

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