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Thinking Josh Blood

Many Christians have been able to get over the Young Earth creationism theory they were taught and now agree with science and with the rest of the world that our planet is much older than around 10,000 years. The more liberal Christians that I talk to believe their faith can co-exist with science.

As popular social views about people who are gay change (for example, the recent marriage equality ruling and polls that suggest around 60% of Americans agree with marriage equality), it’s going to be very interesting to watch The Church reform its views about people who are gay.

Will the majority of Christians accept the science that people who are gay are born that way and do not choose it?

If they accept that, will they reject conversion therapy that has been proven fraudulent?

If they reject that, will they reject that being gay is a sin?

If they do, will The Church consider people that are gay, equals?

If they do, we should see some incredible discussion and understanding on these issues. Until then, it’s been very strange for me to watch my Christian friends slowly start posting about their views toward gay people in a mix of judgement and love. Within the Christian and politically conservative community, there is a lot to figure out. It’s also going to make for an incredibly entertaining and likely, hurtful to many, presidential race.

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  1. It will certainly be interesting to see how this dialogue unfolds, as old ideas and ways of thinking are challenged and people begin to have more contact with the issues and gay people/families. It is refreshing that Christians are engaging in these discussions and at least thinking about the other sides of the issue.

    There is a Native American tribe, the Zuni, and they consider people who are gay or transgender to be a third gender called a Two Spirit and they are celebrated and considered special, their lives sacred, and they have a unique role and place in the community. They recognize that the Great Spirit created each living thing to be a special gift to the world, and each life should be honored.

    Now, I have heard many Christians claim that “God loves you” (of course they never know I’m gay when they say it!) and “God doesn’t make mistakes.” Well if God loves us all and doesn’t make mistakes then it seems to me this should squelch the issues, if Christians indeed practice what they preach, or t least believe in God’s Love. It still remains a mystery to me how the stories printed in a book have overshadowed the greater teachings and if it is true that we are all created in his image, then what about gay lives? Ultimately it all comes down to Love. And if you are a loving person and live your life with Love then there seems to be no reason for judgment and no room for anything other than acceptance, that we are all different, and to each his own. Especially when one looks at the divorce rate in the united states for heterosexual couples! Or considers the suicide rate among LGBTQ teens, and how it feels for them to not be accepted by their families, their churches, and bullied at school. When the Harvey Milk School was built in NYC it was to address some of these issues and give some of these LGBTQ youth a safer place so they could finish school. But the LGBTQ homeless population of kids that have been kicked out of their homes for being true to themselves is off the charts!

    But we need to teach acceptance. Television shows, even those geared towards children and families, should model acceptance, healthy relationships, healthy choices and lifestyles, and real values. I hardly ever see positive, normal gay families and relationships portrayed and when they are it’s made a joke or they are made into the funny or weird characters. Bill Cosby said one that he created the Cosby Show because he wanted Black children to grow up seeing a healthy, happy family, with two successful black parents, a doctor and lawyer, so that they would grow up believing, I could do that, I could become anything I want. Unfortunately, now on TV girls and women are caddy and superficial and into their looks, boys see violence and superheroes, black families are made into a joke, and I don’t know of any real healthy gay couples and families!

    We need to model acceptance, but we also need to teach it. Schools should not tolerate bullying of any kind…ever. In hallways, the words gay and fag should not be tolerated as commonplace, just as a teacher would respond if they heard someone shout “n-gger” or any other racial slur. And it is a major problem that we continue to desensitize the world to violence and that somehow it is okay for people to treat others horrifically. And we should not be creating a culture perpetuating the gender binary and cultural stereotyping and segregation. It starts in preschool. Children should be encouraged to express themselves as their most honest and authentic selves and celebrated for being good, true human beings with good hearts and strong minds. Books like Oliver Button is a Sissy and William’s Doll and Princess Knight should be more popular And there should be positive images of ALL PEOPLE and FAMILIES, everywhere in books and on TV, not just white heterosexual ones!

    I am glad about the new climate for gay marriage because legal recognition might demonstrate to others that if two people want to commit to spending their lives with one another, regardless of their gender and sexuality, and it is recognized not just in a few states, and it cannot be taken away, then maybe just maybe there will be more acceptance. And maybe there will be more healthy happy families getting the support they need and deserve, which will only build a more stable world, and hopefully a more loving and accepting one for our sons.

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