Black woman with dreadlocks in Bob Marley t-shirt looking down in front of fence
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Here is beautiful and graceful Donna on a bridge I’d been wanting to shoot at for a while.

It’s a special treat to collaborate with someone as beautiful and unique as Donna. I mean, we’re all unique, right? But Donna has a look that will have four out of five people doing a double take, probably for her height, her hair, her striking facial features, her toned muscles, and her pro-black fashion sense. Her look has a lot going on!

I don’t take my opportunities lightly. To me as a photographer, Donna is very special.

Thanks to my brother-in-law Jeff for coming along and helping out.

Beautiful black woman with thumbs in denim shorts and wearing Bob Marley t-shirt
Full body shot of tall, thin, toned woman leaning against fence on bridge

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