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Today I was thinking about selfishness, one of our human qualities. It’s a quality that some try to overcome, but then again, think of the way people rally around those pundits that glorify selfishness. Maybe this behavior makes us seem to ourselves that we’re not so selfish? That we’re entitled to what might otherwise be looked at as selfish views?

What are some of the issues where selfishness comes into play?

  • Being short sighted on the future of our planet, deliberately defending our right to pollute the atmosphere / Fighting for the right for infinite growth on a planet with finite resources
  • Struggling against any taxes that compel us to contribute to our society
  • Enabling (instead of fighting) corporate lobbyists in our election system and general political system, thereby enabling corporations to use selfish power at the expense of what is right for humanity

Does your favorite pundit glorify selfishness?

One Reply to “Does Your Favorite Political Pundit Glorify Selfishness?”

  1. i don’t follow politics for this precise reason. i wonder if it’s possible for such a person to exist if they don’t by definition glorify selfishness? a pundit has to play to one particular base or another, and the bases who watch TV or pay attention to public media of that sort seem to want to have their political opinions reflected by those of the talking heads. it strikes me as a sort of mirror-gazing that only reflects negativity.

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