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Misha and I chose to spend today’s unseasonably warm Saturday on a day trip to the beaches of Maine.

If by chance, the Jamaican Jerk Center in Cape Neddick had started early for the season, I wanted to be there and eat jerk chicken for lunch. There were people there, but no cooking to be found. They were just cleaning up and getting their facility ready for the season.

York Beach
First, we split a bagel at the Daily Grind Cafe, right next to York Wild Kingdom which will open later this summer. Then we stopped in to the Kettle Boys Popcorn Co. and sampled a few amazing flavored kettle corn selections. We stayed basic and bought a medium bag of kettle corn, then strolled to the beach, sat on a bench, and watched the waves, surfers, and other people.

Kennebunk & Kennebunkport
We made Blowing Cave our first stop since it was about an hour before high tide. I told Misha, I think I’ve been going to this spot for 30 years! We took a lot of time enjoying the mist and the sound of the cave. I just love this natural wonder. As you can see from the video, I climbed around and got footage from different vantage points. That’s Misha at the very end.

We drove to the beach and took a stroll, along with a lot of other people. It was just a bit too windy for frisbee, but we gave it a try.

We headed back to Kennebunkport for more strolling and thoughts of food. The Clam Shack wasn’t opened yet for the season, so we walked around, weighing our options.

The Flaming Gourmet is a cool spot for browsing grilling sauces, salsas, and this huge wall of hot sauces. I ended up buying a bottle of Busha Browne’s Spicy Jerk Sauce and a staff recommended Hula Girl Chipotle Habanero sauce.

I asked the same person inside of Flaming Gourmet where we could eat fried clams and he suggested Alisson’s Restaurant. I checked the reviews on Yelp and they were overwhelmingly positive. I got fried clams and Misha got clam strips. My clams were tender and easy. Very little chewing required. A good spot with reasonable prices.

For desert, we had gelato at Roly’s English Fudge and Gelato. Misha’s chocolate gelato tasted like fudge–incredible. We no longer had the urge for fudge after that. I got a flavor called English Fudge in which the baker had mixed in her homemade fudge. I had to step back inside to compliment her after we finished.

As we left Kennebunkport, we pulled into Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge and walked the one mile trail around a couple marshes. We needed the exercise!

We continued our beach tour with a short stop at Wells and the arcade I once visited while with my old high school friend Mark Borenstein. As with most businesses, it wasn’t open yet. I’d love to check it out sometime when it’s open and see what they have and how well the machines are maintained.

Back to Massachusetts and a stop at Salem Willows
I’m so grateful to the owners of Salem Willows for investing in so many pinball machines and keeping up their maintenance as best they can. I played a game of NASCAR pin, then Misha and I played Cirqus Voltaire pin, the Getaway pin, some Skee Ball, Galaga, and Dance Dance Revolution. Here’s a shot of the awesome Scared Stiff pin featuring Elivra:

Hope you enjoyed this little day trip report. If you’d like to comment on any of these places, please do!

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  1. What a fun day my son and daughter-in-law had! I am glad you are so happy and doing activities to maintain the wonderful relationship you are both enjoying. I am pleased that you like going back to where you used to go so many years ago and making new memories together.

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