Guitarist Baba Kone from Mali via New York
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African music entertainers and educators, Crocodile River Music, performed one of their first public concerts since the start of the pandemic (March, 2020). The free community concert was Saturday, June 5 in downtown Southbridge, MA. Sponsored by Southbridge Economic Development, there were also free frozen treats, cold water, and even T-shirts.

The band performed with a full lineup, including special guest guitarist, Baba Koné originally from Mali, West Africa.

This concert was particularly joyful for my family and I, as it was our first public outing of this kind since the start of the pandemic. It was also our new daughter’s first live music performance. We were surprised at how receptive she was to the sights and sounds and how much she enjoyed moving her body!

The band played all new material, which included many moments where I experienced feelings of overflowing happiness and joy. The interplay between Idrissa Koné (brother of Baba) and his tama or “talking drum” and Issa Coulibaly‘s djembe drum was a highlight. These two are dynamic players and performers!

I hope you enjoy my photos. They were captured with a Nikon D750 and several lenses – 24mm, 50mm, and 85mm.

Crocodile River Music, Southbridge, MA
Crocodile River Music in Southbridge, MA
Crocodile River Music's Issa Coulibaly, Idrissa Koné
Issa Coulibaly, Idrissa Koné
Crocodile River Music's Zach Combs
Zach Combs
Crocodile River Music's Thierno Camara
Thierno Camara
Crocodile River Music's Issa Coulibaly, Antoinette Mutuyiman
Issa Coulibaly, Antoinette Mutuyiman
Crocodile River Music's Matt Zajac
Matt Zajac
Crocodile River Music's Idrissa Koné
Idrissa Koné

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