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As you probably know, Labor Day weekend just happened. People with kids generally consider this their final weekend of the summer. I’m not on that kind of schedule so to me it was just a weekend with amazing weather–perfect for the beach. As you also might know, I like to roll into Good Harbor in Gloucester after 5 to take advantage of free parking and to avoid the sun’s most damaging mid-day rays.

On Sunday, Misha and I got to Stoneham early to play a round of mini golf at Hago Harrington’s. It was a family favorite spot when we lived in Reading, and I probably first played there when I was 10. I love going back and enjoying the same holes all over again. We timed it perfectly so that we rolled by Good Harbor’s parking fee booth just before five, and just as the old-timers were packing things up for the day. The waves were small to medium sized, and Misha and I did some boogie boarding. I also bodysurfed and skimboarded. We talked to John, Amy, and their dog Smokey. Then we played some frisbee and a guy our age asked to join us. He was a great thrower and catcher. Then a little boy (turns out he was 11) joined us. When we were leaving, I talked to his parents for a little while. They were really glad he and his little female friend had a chance to play with us, and they asked if we’d be there the next day. I told them Misha wouldn’t, but I just might come solo. We ended the evening with a stop at the Salem Willows Arcade and some pinball playing and a pizza at Papa Gino’s. What a depressing restaurant.

Yesterday, I did the solo beach trip and it turned out to be a great move. I stayed in the water most of the time, as the waves were a bit better. It was actually less crowded. Surprising to me, since it was Labor Day. I guess the after 5 beach evening isn’t as popular with families since the dads work the next day. I also did plenty of skimboarding and my leg and foot muscles are feeling it today. The 11 year old boy, Lucas, and his friend were there again, and we did indeed throw the frisbee. I let them use it while I enjoyed the water as much as possible. The water temperature was mild and I wanted to play in the waves since it wasn’t the end of my summer, but it’s still traditionally the end and I might not have many more great weather days to enjoy the beach. I left at 7:45 and had a nice drive home, listening to Leo Leporte’s The Tech Guy podcasts.

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