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This morning, on our way to my parents’ church in Attleboro, MA, I noticed a sign for a Vietnamese, Cambodian, Thai, and Chinese restaurant called Blue Moon. It’s on Pleasant Street, Rt. 123 in Attleboro. When church was over, I got this craving for a big, tasty bowl of soup like Pho or Udon noodle. I invited my parents and told them I’ll treat. We must have arrived early, because the waitress said they had just opened and weren’t quite ready, but we could sit down for 10 minutes while they got ready. Typical little mom & pop place (my favorite) with a bar in the front room and a modestly decorated dining room in back painted light blue.

I was a little disappointed with the menu. The front side seemed to be all Chinese food and the back maybe half Thai and half Chinese food–good for my dad, who only likes Chinese when it comes to Asian food. But where were the Vietnamese and Cambodian sections?

My dad ordered some combination of chicken and rice and hot and sour soup. He thought the soup was spicier than he’s used to and lacked some veggies that he’s used to. My mom ordered Pad Thai with Shrimp and rice and an egg drop soup which she loved. I ordered a large Tom Yam vegetable soup. The flavor was fantastic–very spicy with a subtle citrus taste. In the soup were broccoli, carrots, baby corn, mushrooms, ginger, and a few other leaves that I’m not 100% sure of. I also tried my dad’s Chinese food and finished off my mom’s Pad Thai. Both were fine. My mom enjoyed hers.

We were served by two waitresses who were both very friendly and attentive. One waitress noticed that I didn’t eat the mushrooms in my soup. She said next time I could order without mushrooms. Nice to know they’re happy to take custom orders. I like to become friendly before asking for customizations.

A dessert poster was on the wall. The waitress brought me a dessert catalog–not a menu–from the company Bindi. She had marked which desserts they offer. She said a proper dessert menu is coming soon. (I just clicked over to their web site and found exactly what we ordered.) I had Coppa Stracciatella (chocolate syrup, chocolate chip gelato, topped with cocoa powder and hazelnuts, presented in a dessert glass cup). It was good and a perfect size so I didn’t overdo it. My mom had Flute Limoncello (refreshing lemon gelato swirled together with limoncello, presented in a champagne glass). I had a taste and it was very flavorful. My dad had ginger ice cream. I tried it and thought it was mild. He said he couldn’t taste any ginger at all.

For all three of us, just drinking water and hot tea, the bill was only $36 and change–very inexpensive for our food and dessert. We liked the service and the food and we’ll definitely be back. Their sign should probably list Chinese food first, but that’s a minor complaint.

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