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Behind the scenes video

When I have the opportunity to combine (1) nature and (2) a woman’s beauty in my photography, it’s the ultimate.

These photos are payoff for all the financial investment, the coordination with the model (who is also a friend), the effort to drive to NH and hike in with camera and lighting gear, and all her work in the gym, her makeup expertise, etc. Very little editing went into these photos. The goal is to get it right in camera, not in Photoshop. Straight out of the camera, it was amazing. The result gives me a natural high. It’s the perfect example of what I’ve been trying to achieve over the two and a half years since I dove into beauty photography with off camera flash.

She hiked in snow and ice (with micro-spikes on her boots) to this secret spot. This scene is part of a series of waterfalls, and she’s standing on a frozen stream for the shot. πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ Give her some thanks!

If you can help me with my Beauty in Nature series, and you want to be photographed in outdoor locations like this, message me. I have limited availability, but can make time for someone that’s the right fit.

Model, makeup, and style: Mayra Aroche
Jacket and leggings: Forever21

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