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Yesterday, Misha and I took advantage of 80 degree weather and drove down to Nantasket Beach in Hull. When we arrived and I saw the waves, I called up my high school friend Chris and surprisingly, he was already thinking of coming down. He didn’t end up arriving until a couple hours later. I took advantage of the waves and got in a lot of bodysurfing and Misha got on the boogie board. We also played the ball and paddle game and threw the frisbee.

When Chris arrived, he and I went out and I got to see him surf live for the first time. He’s good! Very solid and stable on his board. I did my bodysurfing thing while he surfed. Then I asked him if I could try his board. To my surprise, he gave me a full lesson and I even managed to get up a couple times after the small waves had broken and I had time to get my balance. Surfing is harder than I would have thought, and the board is much harder than a cushy boogie board or just the water around me when I’m bodysurfing.

Misha and I ended up staying at the beach past six. We finished up the day wish soft serve ice cream cones. I got a crunch coat on mine and she got a chocolate shell on hers.

After I drove Misha home, I called up my great friend since second grade, George, who lives in California. We talked about surfing vs boogie boarding or bodysurfing and we both agree, we like the feel of the water all around us when we’re riding a wave. I’m going to stick with bodysurfing and boogie boarding because I love them and I’m good at them.

Too bad it’s Monday now. :-/

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