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Last night, I watched the Forgetting Sarah Marshall DVD. Very funny, off-beat, and warm. My best friend George Wong has been raving about it so we actually spoke to each other frequently while I was watching it.

As you can see, I haven’t updated since September. And I’ll tell you why. I’ve been focused on transitioning into a new job and a new career. As of three weeks ago, I’m working for an e-commerce site, doing creative projects like writing, interviewing people, and producing videos. My new job is much closer to my place. In fact, I save 35 minutes each way of my commute. After the initial stress of the first week, and as my role is slowly but surely becoming more defined, things have gotten a lot better as I’ve settled in. I work with nice, smart people and we have great communication.

I hope that this blog post is a sign that I’m going to be able to resume some of my hobbies. I’m looking forward to getting behind the mic at the Golden Touch studio and recording another episode of Reggae Rhythm Update. Maybe early next week.

Tonight, I’m going to see Chikara in Framingham. I’ve decided not to show up early and stand in line for an hour to get a front row seat. I’ll show up just before bell time and sit wherever. I can always stand if I can’t see something in the ring. Maybe I’ll try to catch up with Chikara’s Director of Fun, Leonard Chikarason and remind him that I’m the one who asked him to facilitate an interview with Amasis. And maybe, he can introduce me to Amasis so I can ask him myself. The camera and flash batteries are charging, so maybe later this weekend, I’ll post a photo.

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