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When my parents and I brought my wife with us for a trip to Western Mass, I thought to myself, “you can never go back.” But some things do stay the same. My cousins Kim, Bonnie, and Mandy are just as sweet as ever. We watched as the new generation of their family did the whirlpool in their above ground pool that I used to swim in at family reunions. Their dad, uncle Ralph, would start the whirlpool and us kids would all follow and soon the current was pushing the water in one direction so fast that even if you weren’t helping to keep it going, you were enjoying it and swimming with it. Now my cousins’ kids are carrying on the tradition and we’re sitting in lawn chairs, talking. But I’ll have you know I did bring my frisbee and play with the kids. Bonnie’s kids are great at frisbee!

Here’s Kim, Misha, Bonnie, and Mandy. I joked about how my arms were long enough they could stretch out and reach my two outermost cousins at the same time!

Here’s aunt Brenda, uncle Ralph, my dad Ron, and my mom Darleen:

This was one of my favorite days! Thank you family!

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